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Want a FREE NG 'Country Code' Sticker?

2013-03-23 00:28:20 by ReNaeNae

I had some NG 'bumper stickers' made up to give away for the X-mas Card Exchange. I just found a bundle of about 24 from the first 'test run' (they look slightly different, but basically like the pic below). I figured I'd just give them away to anyone that wants one. So post below. Once approved, PM me with your mailing info and I'll send one off to you.

- First come, first serve.
- Limit one per user/address.
- Please don't put them somewhere illegal or anything dumb like that.
- I reserve the right to decline any request.
- Offer valid while supplies last.

Feel free to share a pic of your sticker in action once you get it (or if you got one from the exchange).

(You don't have to put it on a bumper, but if you do... note that heating it once applied with activate the adhesive and make it permanent.)

Want a FREE NG 'Country Code' Sticker?


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2013-03-23 00:40:30

I'll take one :D

ReNaeNae responds:

cool... pm me with your mailing info! :)


2013-03-23 00:51:44


ReNaeNae responds:



2013-03-23 00:56:55

I gladly accept, kind sir :1


2013-03-23 00:59:12

Scrap the last comment, I meant ma'am :x

ReNaeNae responds:

I was about to say no! :'(
but ...nice save ;)
pm me with your address!


2013-03-23 01:14:03

I need a pad of these things.

ReNaeNae responds:

they don't make a very good 'pad' they just kinda stick together in a big 'wad'.
PM meh! ;)


2013-03-23 01:14:47


ReNaeNae responds:



2013-03-23 01:19:37

Sure, why not? It's free

ReNaeNae responds:

it is... and it's sticky!


2013-03-23 01:23:13

Eh sure why not.

ReNaeNae responds:



2013-03-23 01:25:00

I would like one :3

ReNaeNae responds:

I would like to send you one :D


2013-03-23 01:30:09

I would like 5 please.

love you 4ever

ReNaeNae responds:

Guess I'll have to settle for 1/5th of 4ever! ;)


2013-03-23 01:33:21

me plz

ReNaeNae responds:

ok plz


2013-03-23 01:40:51

Yes please.

ReNaeNae responds:

doesn't matter how many times you post, you only get one ;P


2013-03-23 01:59:07

I still need to figure out where to stick mine!

(Updated ) ReNaeNae responds:

no car?


2013-03-23 02:01:11

I'll take a piece of that action!!!

ReNaeNae responds:

pew pew!! ok!


2013-03-23 02:10:33

Oh yes please! Got so many good places I could put one of these on.

ReNaeNae responds:

I hope one is a car! lol


2013-03-23 02:20:09

Oh My God please give me one

ReNaeNae responds:

God's not here right now but I can give you one on his behalf ;P


2013-03-23 02:28:37

uguu I want one plz

ReNaeNae responds:

uguu you get one


2013-03-23 02:43:20

I'd like one.

ReNaeNae responds:



2013-03-23 02:47:13

wcmarrs will take a piece of that action!

ReNaeNae responds:

yup, got him covered.


2013-03-23 03:42:46

I'd like one, please :3

(Updated ) ReNaeNae responds:

since you asked so nicely, sure! :)


2013-03-23 04:17:56

Me plees :3

(Updated ) ReNaeNae responds:

okay :)


2013-03-23 04:24:25


(Updated ) ReNaeNae responds:



2013-03-23 06:53:08

Yes please!

ReNaeNae responds:

ooh, a celebrity!


2013-03-23 07:10:12


ReNaeNae responds:

last one!


2013-03-23 08:50:37

Awww, I'm too late :{

ReNaeNae responds:

Didn't you get one in your xmas card?


2013-03-23 08:51:40

epic fail of multiple posts...

ReNaeNae responds:

lol, s'okay! happened to a bunch of people! ;)


2013-03-23 10:07:02

Sent PM.
Can't wait.

ReNaeNae responds:

If everyone gets their addresses to me, I should be able to mail them off on Monday! ;)


2013-03-23 10:41:42

Too late for me, but still I am cool

(Updated ) ReNaeNae responds:

I wanted to send you a poster sized print of your calendar entry (NO MOR KOK JOUKS) but you never got back to me... and now I can't :(

You're still cool though!

EDIT: I just recounted and I have 27, not 24 (they stick together). So if you still want one, PM me with your mailing info!


2013-03-23 11:16:02

You sent it? Huh, I thought you had forgotten, I never got it :{

ReNaeNae responds:

Serious? Boo!! Well I still have a couple extras of the other kind, so send me your address again :P


2013-03-23 12:40:22

I love you.

ReNaeNae responds:

Oh, hai there, SJD! :D


2013-03-23 13:14:02

me me me i want one :O

ReNaeNae responds:

like I said below... I recounted and had 3 more than I thought, so... yay!! PM me with your mailing info!


2013-03-23 13:41:58

wait a second, I forgot to send a PM
eh forget it i don't really need a sticker :[

ReNaeNae responds:

I have you on the list... but if you don't want it, let me know. I'll give it to someone else. Otherwise... pm me.


2013-03-23 13:50:44

I like free stuff, but I'm from Brasil .
oh well

ReNaeNae responds:

Oh, you make cool art. I think I have one sticker left! PM me with your info!


2013-03-23 15:01:12

Too bad noone will ever send me an NG country code sticker... oh wait... nevermind. ;)

ReNaeNae responds:

Oh you!! ;D


2013-03-23 16:15:18

I put them on the covers of my sketchbooks! x3

ReNaeNae responds:

looks like you're in luck! :)


2013-03-23 16:29:15

All gone? Here's my formal application of interest if it by some astounding miracle you find a secret batch under the floorboards. :)

ReNaeNae responds:

I haven't gotten pm's from several people... and some people are changing their minds suddenly. You're next in line, so... I'll let you know.


2013-03-23 19:05:03

I'm interested! :)

ReNaeNae responds:

if other people change their minds... you're in line after Cyberdevil.


2013-03-23 21:16:53

Figures I see this when it's too late. Oh well. I still think it was nice of you to give them out. Thanks anyway. :)

ReNaeNae responds:

You're 3rd in line on the wait list.


2013-03-23 21:47:12

You can give it to someone else, I doubt my parents will like getting a sticker for no reason, and I doubt the postal service will even be accurate -- I've seen people steal mail from others' inboxes, and it could happen with us.


ReNaeNae responds:

I understand. Thanks for letting me know so I could pass it on to someone else ;)


2013-03-24 03:48:00

i want one

ReNaeNae responds:

k... some people never pm'd me with their mailing info so... om me and I'll send the 3 I have left to whoever's address I get first.


2013-03-24 05:13:25

I would really like one of these stickers ! :D I've always wanted a newgrounds sticker aha. Thanks if you choose me n.n
Just PM me if you want to give me one :o

(Updated ) ReNaeNae responds:

repeat of comment below: some people never pm'd me with their mailing info so... om me and I'll send the 3 I have left to whoever's address I get first.


2013-03-24 19:44:15

Alright I'll take one. I think I'll just stick it on to my headphones or something.

ReNaeNae responds:

You must have some pretty huge headphones. Anyway... as said below: some people never pm'd me with their mailing info so... om me and I'll send the 3 I have left to whoever's address I get first.


2013-03-24 22:13:05

Can I get the Cooper Cane instead?

ReNaeNae responds:

Not if I get it first.


2013-03-27 13:28:31

Me, me, me!

ReNaeNae responds:

I have one left. It's yours if you want it... just send me your mailing info.


2013-03-27 13:30:50

wait i dont have a car

ReNaeNae responds:

You don't need to have a car. I have one on the filing cabinet next to my desk :P


2013-03-28 20:58:10

Fair enough. :-)

ReNaeNae responds:

FBIpolux doesn't want one, I guess. So if you want the last one, pm me with your mailing info.


2013-03-29 19:34:29

Got mine today :3

ReNaeNae responds:

Yay! If you want to share, EJR made a thread: ic/1336046

Also... if you heat it a bit it will stick better (like if it's on a car bumper, leave it facing the sun or if it's on something else, hold a blow dryer to it for a minute or so).


2013-03-30 19:08:23

Will do! xD

I'll be sure to do that when/if I put it on something.

ReNaeNae responds:



2013-03-31 02:05:43

I'm guessing it's too late but I want one

ReNaeNae responds:

what squidbit wants, squitbit gets ;P


2013-03-31 02:48:08

I only have 1 NG sticker and I'm afraid to use it =__(

ReNaeNae responds:

Just buy something else from the store and you'll get one with your purchase ;)