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Holiday Cards...

2012-12-05 23:26:49 by ReNaeNae

I finished my card for the NG X-mas Card Exchange 2012... and like last year, they printed up extras (they have to for registration purposes and other junk). So if anyone wants one, PM me with your info (name and address EXACTLY how it should be on the envelope), and I'll mail one off to you!!

Offer valid while supplies last!


In other news, thanks to nat29, Jomillex, rambojoe for participating in The Bone Tool Challenge.

...and be sure to check out the NG Advent Calendar 2012!

Happy Holidays!

Holiday Cards...


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2012-12-06 05:42:40

dumb question alert.

why are the days out of order on the advent calendar?

ReNaeNae responds:

That's the way they are (well, some of them). It's part of the fun... searching for the right 'door' to open. The ones we had (growing up) had chocolates behind them... but others have bible/religious mumbo jumbo. pffft! what kid wants that?!


2012-12-06 13:37:25

Nice Art! And Happy X-mas

ReNaeNae responds:

Thanks, and Happy X-Mas to you too! :D

(I deleted the multiple comments, worries!)


2012-12-06 15:19:00

This is very nice. Have a happy Christmas and New Year!

ReNaeNae responds:

Thanks, same to you! :D


2012-12-06 15:41:48


ReNaeNae responds:



2012-12-07 05:14:56

Woow yeah! Let the Christmas spirit begin!

ReNaeNae responds:

Woow!! :D


2012-12-19 05:59:47

Do they have Lego Tankmen? They should.