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2012-10-06 00:48:13 by ReNaeNae

Congrats to the Winners of the NG All-Stars vs Drugs Art Contest! Thanks to everyone that submitted something and to ZJ for hosting it!

The NG PRINT CALENDAR 2013 Art Contest is underway!
Deadline is Monday, October 22nd!

If you've ever wanted to make game art, here's your chance! GAME JAM 8 will take place the weekend of October 12th. Get a team together or post your info here.

Evil-Dog has posted a Draw a zombie contest!

Speaking of zombies... Halloween is right around the corner! There will be PRIZES for best art! Get all the details on the Halloween 2012 Collections Page!

CrazyRock is running the Building Collaboration where you can create a level for a really tall building!

Would you be interested in participating in or purchasing a book featuring art created by a bunch of Newgrounds artists?! Let 'em know what you think in the Newgrounds Art Book - Discussion thread!

What's going on...


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2012-10-06 01:11:04

ooo - that looks like an awesome layout for the art book! The font for the artist's name looks perfect.
A black background would be a bit too emo... maybe with the classic white, you'll save on black ink?

ReNaeNae responds:

Yeah, it probably would save on black ink but wouldn't change the printing cost at all.

The book could easily have a combination of background colors ...doesn't have to be all black or all white but rather what ever color best compliments the art on the page. Maybe pull from the ng color scheme (community tab > downloads > ng design assets > global color palette)? I dunno!!

For this to be successful, I think it'd need one person to step up and act as the 'art director' ...someone with stellar design skills and an eye for all that fancy stuff!!

Either way, I'm hoping more people will get involved and post their ideas and suggestions!! So, thanks for the input!! ;)


2012-10-06 09:16:10

Don't know if I should be asking this here, but since you're on the topic of art contests maybe you can shed some light here. If my piece is halloween themed is it ok if I run it through both the calendar and halloween contests?

ReNaeNae responds:

I'm gonna say yes, but one piece can only win for one contest. So... since the calendar contest ends before halloween, if your submission gets picked for that, it would be skipped over for the halloween contest! That means... to improve your chances... you should just do multiple entries 6 or 7! (or 12!! a whole year of nekow!! what?! that's crazy!! I'd totally buy it!!!)

As always... I can't wait to see what you come up with 'cuz I know it's gonna kick ass!!! :D


2012-10-06 11:18:26

That's a much nicer layout. I'd definitely consider purchasing something like this. There's got to be a lot of neat write up though on the artists. Otherwise i'd just browse NG to see their art. know what i mean?

ReNaeNae responds:

Yeah, I always enjoy reading about people's backgrounds and stuff... like the ones that do art 'for fun' or as 'a hobby' while they study to become an engineer or rocket scientist... but they're ridiculously AMAZING at art. I want to slap them! lol


2012-10-06 11:45:26

Really diggin the art book. its one of those why didnt we do that ages ago type of ideas.

ReNaeNae responds:

Yeah, it's a cool idea. I think one of the issues brought up in the thread was whether or not to include old, new, or a mix of stuff. Maybe it could be run like a sketchbook tour... where people send in the original art that's then scanned (so only traditional, hand-drawn stuff) ...things that aren't already online somewhere. Might make it more appealing and worth the purchase... I dunno.


2012-10-12 23:08:02

Pls don't make more newgrounds related thing or I will end up buying them and then no one wins.

ReNaeNae responds:

Can I interest you in a Snow Snow for Lucy dvd?!


2012-10-28 00:56:26

Fun Fact: ReNaeNae doesn't even own the calendars she helped make. She only hangs up calendars that feature her cat in cute hats.

(Updated ) ReNaeNae responds:

I just can't help myself! ...he looks so cute in a fedora!


2012-11-01 10:09:30

I've never noticed this newspost before. That book layout looks grand.

ReNaeNae responds:

I'm glad you like it! Seems the thread has died though ...pity.


2012-11-01 17:14:22

Too much art for me!!

ReNaeNae responds: the art book layout? Well, it is and ART book. Or did you mean in general (not the forum, but the whole scope of... like... everything)?! what?!


2012-11-01 18:50:18


ReNaeNae responds:

Ah... yeah, it can get overwhelming! Gotta pick and choose which things you think you can realistically get done. If you bite off too much, you'll get frustrated and give up... at least that's what happens to me :'( Don't' give up, EJR!!!!


2012-11-01 18:53:21

Thread's died because I've been going through a busy time, and I'm in need of some hard cash.

It reached a dead end for me because of the layout stuff, and that I can't help thinking I'd cock it up somehow.

Seeing this, though, stokes some fires. What do you plan to stick in the "Lorem ipsum" part?

ReNaeNae responds:

The top bit, under the name could just be a little bio or something... maybe giving a glimpse of the artists background and/or aspirations. (see response to Kostou below).

...and the lower stuff could be info on the specific pieces. Titles. When they were created. What they were created with/on. Size. Time to complete... maybe the reason or inspiration. Stuff like that.

What's there to cock up?! lol