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OMG!! THE ART PORTAL!!! &$%#!!!

2009-09-06 17:31:50 by ReNaeNae

Have a complaint? Compliment? Suggestion?
Vent about the Art Portal Here!!


is here!!!


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2009-09-06 17:34:38

mudkips ? do you like them ?

ReNaeNae responds:

...who doesn't! Thanks for the suggestion!! :D


2009-09-06 17:38:00

Chill, it's quite more than I expected to be honest. Sure, it's not perfect yet, but nothing is perfect at first.

Let's do our best (well... at least you MODS >;) ) to keep it running!

ReNaeNae responds:

Users can help too!! Check out the Art Portal Patrol over in C&C! :D


2009-09-06 17:40:25

What happen? Someone set us up the bob!

ReNaeNae responds:

Pretty sure bob is out of town.


2009-09-06 17:41:49

How will everything be fixed? The hackers did a number on the art portal. Are there any ideas about how to prevent a similar event in the future?

ReNaeNae responds:

They'll try to restore it to its former glory... probably on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday). As for preventing similar situations in the future... I'm sure they'll put some safeguards in place, just don't know what. Your concern is appreciated!


2009-09-06 17:50:16

theyre probably working on it but needs an art reviews stat on your userpage

ReNaeNae responds:

Yeah, that's one of the MANY things on the 'To Do' list! ;)


2009-09-06 18:03:11


ReNaeNae responds:

lol... he didn't ban i-bot. He unscouted him because he only had one piece of "art". He deserved to be cut, the slacker... he needs 4 pieces to get resouted, damn him!


2009-09-06 18:07:16

i blame sigma and his little blamm cronnies....they're always trying to rule newgrounds..........blammed bastards....


ReNaeNae responds:

sigma? who dat? makes me think of sigmund and the sea monsters... remember that? didn't think so.


2009-09-06 18:28:33

Change the methods for scouting, if a mod is compromised it shouldn't leave everyone else open for "attack".

ReNaeNae responds:

Yeah, they need to do something about that... not sure what. Any suggestions?


2009-09-06 18:32:46

Sigma was once rumored to be the king of the blammed and he wants nothing more than the destruction of newgrounds and the overture of the flash portal

thats what the old book of flash says anyways = /

ReNaeNae responds:

ooh, sounds so ominous and dramatic... but I'll wait for the movie!!


2009-09-06 18:34:30

yes, rescout me plz

(Updated ) ReNaeNae responds:

I can't, I'm not scouted myself!! :O


2009-09-06 18:45:34

Personally I find it lame that you become unscouted if someone who scouted you loses their scouting power. It happened to me and I basically lost interest in the portal.

ReNaeNae responds:

I'm right there with ya, dude!! :(


2009-09-06 18:55:30

That silly DD, I hope I can get rescouted when it comes back up. Interesting thing, the website that egoraptors account was phished on was called nevvgrounds, very brilliantly constructed. I wouldn't suggest going to it, it can sense your password or something like that. Scarrrry shit.

ReNaeNae responds:

Yeah, they're a crafty lot. *boo, hiss*


2009-09-06 18:59:41

I should make something for that :0
It doesn't require a camera :3

Your flowers have faces on them :O I never noticed.

ReNaeNae responds:

You totally should!! ...the flowers cry for the art portal!! :'(


2009-09-06 19:03:21

Wonder how you learned that Homocide lmao. Yeah it's Nevvgrounds.Com or something, two v's making the W.

ReNaeNae responds:

Yeah, I hope he changed his pw after.


2009-09-06 19:07:00

Oh yeah lxintro said that nevvgrounds thing on CN, just trying to inform.

ReNaeNae responds:

...the more you know ;)


2009-09-06 19:17:44

I'd suggest that there should be a similar system to the flash portal, where artists have to get a certain amount of votes in one direction after being scouted, and after that, they can't get unscouted, but rather they'd have art that breaks the rules be removed for a certain number of times and then have the artist removed from the portal.

I don't know, it's easy to say "Think of something better" hard to actually do it. Unless that was your point?

ReNaeNae responds:

There are people that hate/love certain artists (be it art, flash, audio, what have you). Even if their stuff is amazing, people will zero-bomb it, while the fanboys/girls will 5 it even if it sucks. I think they (the admin) were trying this new method in an attempt to squelched that.

It is hard to think of something better, but you never know... someone might say 'hey, what about this?' ...add we'll all go 'ooh!!! never thought of that!!' ...we all see things differently ;)


2009-09-06 19:22:26

I didn't just get unscouted, I got 20 art-deletion PMs! :(

ReNaeNae responds:

Yeah, that sucks!! Hopefully they can restore it, but my guess is you'll just have to resubmit! Wait until Tuesday though.

I know it doesn't help, but I'm really sorry! :(


2009-09-06 19:26:41

Hmm... It seems Egoraptor's allowed to keep his modship. Which leaves me to wonder why Wade was so quick to leave people like myself, Dry-Ice and Evark high and dry. :(

ReNaeNae responds:

Ugh! I know... it's unfair! I've talked to a few of the staff/admin about getting you guys back in uniform. Now their inaction has created an even more unfortunate situation... because if you do get remodded, everyone will think it's to cover for Ego (which would NOT be the case at all!!!) And if you don't get remodded, everyone will scream foul that Ego wasn't cut too. Either way, someone's getting a raw deal :(


2009-09-06 20:37:17

Dude it's so crazy that these wack-ass people put freakin porno on the art portal man!

ReNaeNae responds:

Some people consider porn a form of art ...they also consider a pick up truck a luxury vehicle ...a house on wheels a mansion ...and Friday night fish fry at the VFW a gourmet meal at a fine dining establishment. Whaddayagonnado?


2009-09-06 23:31:12

Guess who I am

ReNaeNae responds:

um... you?


2009-09-07 01:20:51

How'd it get hacked? I really want to know!!!!!!

ReNaeNae responds:

Evil-doer's gained access to an art portal mods account *snip snip*, now you know.


2009-09-07 01:50:00


ReNaeNae responds:

Unfortunately, I can not provide the kind of help you need in a blog comment/reply.


2009-09-07 02:17:57

I just got scouted too. :(

ReNaeNae responds:

Hopefully things will be restored to how they were... if not, I'm sure someone will rescout you ...eventually.


2009-09-07 02:19:29

It's nice when it's not abused with a) Anime B) Porn and/or C)Anime Porn.

ReNaeNae responds:

D)Stolen Anime Porn


2009-09-07 03:08:30

I just got bloody scoutted less than 24 hours before this happened!

ReNaeNae responds:

Ouch... bad timing! I'm sure you'll get rescouted eventually too... either by the restore, or a redo. Hang tight!


2009-09-07 04:16:44

I dont like the I-bot he is awful

ReNaeNae responds:

He's a robot ...with no feelings ...or regard for the feelings of others. He should be ashamed... if he felt shame, which he doesn't.


2009-09-07 04:36:58

I apologize for unscouting/pruning I-bot but his artistic direction was poor and distasteful in my humble opinion.

ReNaeNae responds:

He scouted some of the best though... gotta give him that.


2009-09-07 05:25:46

Thanks Renae. You know, I hate whinging about something like this, but honestly, it's not that I want Egoraptor demodded or that I desperately want to be remodded, it was the gesture involved.

ReNaeNae responds:

I completely understand. It's frighteningly easy for me to imagine myself in your position, and I would feel the same way.


2009-09-07 06:27:22

my one real complaint is that when i got unscouted, i became unable to put up new pictures, as my limit was succeeded for someone who wasn't scouted. how are people supposed to see my work and find me and scout me when i can't even put up new pictures to let them find me amongst the many, many pictures? this applies for a lot of other people too >.<

ReNaeNae responds:

Hopefully they'll be able to restore everything... but if not, you'll have to delete some of the older, lower scoring stuff to add new. Just hold off for a couple days to see how things turn out ;)


2009-09-07 07:59:05

i hate that there are three completely different systems for portal approval. for the flash portal, it's the blam system. for the audio portal, the mods approve the first submission and all the rest automatically go through. for the art portal, any other user in the art portal can approve you for the portal, then all of your art automatically goes through. the scouting system means that they can descout one person, and suddenly 30 people are descouted. it's too easy for them to do a lot of damage. the audio portal's system would work much better for the art portal and it wouldn't be anywhere near as hard on the mods. it takes much less time to look at a piece of art than to listen to a piece of music. i've never encountered this, but other people have said that there is a limit to the amount of pieces you can submit in one day. that makes spamming impossible. although i like the scouting system because it gives the users more power, i don't like it for that exact reason. if all of the users could be trusted as much as the mods, it would be fine. unfortunately, 90% of newgrounds are immature assholes and trolls.
one last thing, i think mods have way too much power. if one gets hacked, too much damage can be done. when a mod clicks the delete button (or whatever it says), it should be recommended for deletion, temporarily removed, and put on a page that the mods can go to. then it should need a certain number of mod approvals before it is deleted.

ReNaeNae responds:

Yeah, I dunno why there are 3 different voting systems. I can't speak for audio, but I think the Flash system works fairly well (aside from mass-voting).

As for the Art Portal scouting system... getting descouted just means your stuff isn't in the portal, it stays on your user page, and you can be rescouted. If your stuff is good, that should happen fairly quickly.

One thing I have suggested is the ability for users to accept or decline a scout. At least that way, we'd all have *some* control over our fate. if someone is so eager to get in and accepts any old offer they get... when they get cut, they'll have no one to blame but themselves. It would also strengthen branches because people could wait for someone trustworthy to come along and scout them. Right now it's a free-for-all, and like you said... immature assholes with the slightest amount of power is a recipe for disaster.

You can only scout 2 people a day, and unscouted people can have only 20 pieces on their page... but I honestly don't know if there's a limit to how many pieces you can submit in a day. I'll try to find out ...or were you talking about audio in that case?

When a mod deletes a piece of art, it DOES go into a queue where other mods can say 'yes, delete' or 'no, keep'. Not sure what happened there... guess it's just one more thing for the admin to sort out :(

Everyone needs to remember that the art portal is still relatively new, and there are lots of things left to add/improve. Getting 'constructive' feedback from the users will help it get better quicker, so... your input is appreciated. Thanks.


2009-09-07 13:36:22

Who says PORN CANNOT BE, by any way, considered ART?
AH! I feel so struck...!
My fight is a useless and lonesome one... *snifffrrll*
Why I EVEN bothered, in the first place?!?!
I am the desmise of the 'grounds...

(Well, anyway, it seems we all have some scouting to do tomorrow, haven't we?)

ReNaeNae responds:

Newgrounds would be a much sadder place without you!! :3


2009-09-08 19:15:19

OK WHY IS everyone mad at ego??? its not his damn fault he was hacked or w/e by the dd. he was demoded so idk what the fuck your talking about. ok well he is an icon mod meaning he has no powers at all just an aura.
would any of you like to have taken his place? i think not. im not saying in anyway at all that you guys deserved to get demmoded but he wanted the aura or something idk. just leave him alone and move on to more important matters like STAYING ON TOPIC AND COMPLAIN ABOUT THE ART PORTAL???

anyway if the dd are hacking accounts that they arent just a spam group anymore. this could be dangerous, if they hack an admin or multiple they can control the site and attach viruses links and other harmful things to your computer. what i suggest is a new security system with 3 10-50 digit passwords that way it will take longer to hace by far and you can still save your pass and then it also needs emai adress and one security question then they need to stop showing sign up dates publicly and use that as verification. if they had this system i dont thi- OH YEAH and they have to put down letters in a picture!!! this way a bot cant hack and they will have a zero to none chance of hacking anyone. and as for the login at the top they can just make a scroll bar near the current login screen to put in more information. some info want be needed for login but recovery. the dd should have there ip addresses banned and the voting sys in all porals should be changed. to be cont...

ReNaeNae responds:

Feel free to pm/email your suggestions to the admin.


2009-09-08 19:18:46

the voting system is good but people who spam or submit flashes under a certain score they cant vote

ReNaeNae responds:

Not everyone likes the same kind of stuff, so that wouldn't really be fair. Spammers should be (and usually are) banned. Thanks for the input :)


2009-09-08 19:19:59

the art portal may be screwed now but i dont think ng will take lightly to another attack

ReNaeNae responds:

They shouldn't take lightly to any attack ;)


2009-09-10 23:12:43

I still might enter.... but I can't get any ideas.

ReNaeNae responds:

hmm... seems like there are a few castle crashers, pico's, dad's, alien hominids... haven't seen much stuff for clock or valentines day, halloween, xmas/holiday/new years ...or just pick a character from your favorite ng series and do some fan art.

The possibilities as endless!!!